Coaching with David Koshinz

"David is an excellent life coach; skillful in several important aspects of coaching. He has amazing listening and reflection skills. He gets me settled into feeling solid in what I do know - this puts me in an empowered position. His skillful questions point me in directions that I forget to explore on my own; and also keep reconnecting me to joy, peace, energy, and motivation when I get blocked or feel demoralized. David's confidence is inspiring. I recommend him to anyone who is interested in discovering their interests, reconnecting to positive energy, overcome blocks, and achieve their goals in all dimensions."    Tim

I love that spark of awareness... 

...when what was hidden becomes realized.

Awareness brings forth the possibility of change,

and when, through that awareness,

you create tangible changes that stick,

we will…

Unleash Your Potential!

My clients are typically people who have built a life,

and yet - they know there is more -

and they're ready to go get it.

I also work with those who are ready to design their next phase in life, or have had significant change forced on them and are ready to get back on the horse.

You will learn to cultivate

  • Self-Awareness

  • Introspection

  • Discipline

  • Goal Setting

  • Task Management

  • Energy awareness

  • Visioning

  • Self-Care

Coaching is a catalyst

The coaching relationship creates the right amount of consistent, kind encouragement and the accountability that supports you in taking the actions necessary to achieve the goals that you define for yourself.

Coaching is a relationship of integrity

Coaching is an intentional relationship designed to help you define and create the life you wish to live. It is a partnership designed to create clarity, accountability, discipline and self-awareness. Through this integrity you act courageously in accord with your intentions, and your life shifts, to support the "who" and the "how" you want to be in the world.

Coaching is a teacher

Through the coaching process you will learn tools that support you both during and outside the coaching relationship.

About David


I've spent most of my life doing self-development and group work. This is how I stay healthy and happy while running several businesses, having a family, and dealing with lifelong health issues. I started practicing yoga at 17 and have studied yoga philosophy, psychology, group dynamics, systems thinking, dance, chi gong, massage, brain sciences, meditation, psychodrama, authentic movement, shamanism, and a few other things!


I've chosen to be self-defined and think our lives are complex systems that we can only begin to understand through the practice of awareness, and that our psychology is best influenced through a holistic approach.


I started a coaching practice because I light up when I help people navigate their lives, connect with their passion, and move forward with energy and joy.


I like finding solutions and witnessing breakthroughs that lead to paradigm shifts. I like seeing the joy of clarity, success, and confidence.


I love exploring and discovering what was previously hidden and watching clients’ internal landscapes unfold.

"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone."          Pablo Picasso