Mind Body Eating Group

8-Week Women's
Mind-Body Eating Group!


Tired of struggling with food, body, weight, and self-image?
Ready to take the next steps on your way toward well-being?

Over 98% of people who lose weight on a diet end up gaining the weight back and more. Together we will unwrap the key barriers to food and body balance in your life and explore brilliant, simple ways to overcome them.
Using meditation, writing, gentle movement, breathing, and art we’ll explore how to get unstuck and move forward in a healthy and sustainable way. In this small group you will have a chance to witness, be witnessed, learn from others, support and be supported, and to receive some coaching along the way. This nurtures a feeling of connection as we see the themes of both frustration and healing that many of us have in common. We will cultivate awareness and learn new tools, then bring all we’ve learned to the table in a conscious eating practice. 

Don’t you deserve to give yourself this gift? If not now, when?


Wednesdays 6-8pm 
Jan 15- Mar 4. Regular fee $320. Registration deadline January 10

Register by December 15th, get the

Early Bird Rate of $280! 


“With Sarah’s help, I view my relationship with food and body in a whole new way. I’ve learned that not everything is right or wrong in terms of my body. With Sarah’s coaching, I’ve learned to be kinder, more empathetic and understanding in regards to myself.” 


“If you want someone who is fully engaged and loving during your coaching journey, Sarah is the right fit.  She will help you get where you want to go!” 

“Sarah is an excellent listener and that in itself really is a gift. She did not have an agenda for me however it was clear she wanted to help me learn how I could more effectively help myself - and that is powerful.”   ~Constance

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